Holy Trinity Church Malvern
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I book the hall for?
The hall should be booked allowing time to set up the event and to clear up afterwards.

When I complete the booking form does this mean that my booking is confirmed?
No. The administrator will discuss the booking with you and formally confirm the booking.

Could both halls be in use at the same time?
There is a possibility that there could be times when both halls are in use and the noise from the upper hall could be heard in the lower hall. The administrator will discuss this with you when confirming the booking so that all parties are aware of this.

Is the hall suitable for a bouncy castle for a childrens party?
The upper hall can accommodate a bouncy castle and the administrator will discuss this with you at the time of booking. The Halls insurance does not cover accidents that occur when using the bouncy castle.

Do I pay extra for kitchen facilities?
No the hourly rate is inclusive of the use of the kitchen.

How do I get access to the hall?
The administrator will meet you at the hall at the start of the booking time.

What clearing up should be completed at the end of the event?
The hall is busy and it is likely that a hirer will be using the hall after you so please leave the hall clean, tidy and in the same way as you found it. Please take any rubbish generated from the event away with you.

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