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Conditions for Hire


  1. The hire charge and any deposit is to be paid to the Parish Hall Administrator on receipt of the invoice and any cheques should be made payable to Holy Trinity Parish Hall.

  2. The person signing the booking form will be responsible for the key and any damages/breakages whilst the hall is in use.

  3. Please be aware that your activity is not covered by the church’s insurance.

  4. At the end of the hire, all chairs are to be positioned as found and the hall and kitchen are to be left in a clean and tidy condition.

  5. The latest time when the hire shall end will be 11.30pm and the hall must be vacated by midnight. In the event of the hall not being vacated at the end of the agreed period of time an excess charge will be payable at the appropriate hourly rate.

  6. The hirer shall ensure that any noise shall be kept to a level that will not disturb any neighbours of the hall.

  7. No sale of intoxicating liquor will be permitted unless a licence has been obtained by the hirer and written permission has been given by the Parish Hall Administrator after inspecting the licence.

  8. Holy Trinity Parish Hall does not have its own waste collection. The hirer shall ensure that no mess or litter is left around the hall and that all rubbish is removed.

  9. There must be at least one stewards who should be instructed as to their duties in the event of an emergency and available at all time when members of the public are on the premises.

  10. Stewards must make themselves aware of the locations of the fire exits, fire extinguishers and their method of operation.

  11. The maximum number of persons allowed in the Lower Hall for Public Entertainments is 80. The maximum number of persons allowed in the Upper  Hall is 120

  12.  If subdued light is to be used Emergency lights must be switched on at all times.

  13. If the hall is booked and not used the person hiring the hall will be charged as if it was used.

  14. Bookings will normally be allocated on a first come first served basis.

  15. The person hiring the hall is responsible for securing the hall when they leave unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Parish Hall Administrator.

  16. On very rare occasions it may be necessary to cancel a booking. If this occurs an alternative date and time will be offered.

  17. Safeguarding – Children and Vulnerable Adults

    1. The protection of any children is to be of the highest priority. The Church operates within a Safeguarding Policy for Children & Vulnerable Adults. A copy of our policy and procedures for child protection is on display in the entrance to the Church.

    2. Any Hirer operating a regular group which includes children or vulnerable adults must hereby confirm that they have their own child protection and / or vulnerable adults safeguarding policy and procedures, and that all those who staff their activities on these premises understand and have agreed to follow them. The Hirer understands that the parish accepts no responsibility for the hirer’s failure to comply with the legislation.

    3. Private individuals hiring church premises for the purpose of ad-hoc or personal invitation events at which children and/or vulnerable adults will be present, agree to take full responsibility for the welfare of the children, young people and/or vulnerable adults who attend the event and will take all reasonable steps to prevent harm to children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.

    4. Any children’s or young person’s party shall be supervised by parents or other adults throughout the Hire period.



One off bookings:

  • Lower Hall - £20.00 per hour
  • Upper Hall - £22.00 per hour plus an additional cost of £10 is the dishwasher is required

Refular Bookings:

  • Lower Hall - £15 per hour or part thereof
  • Upper Hall - £17 per hour plus an additional cost of £10 is the dishwasher is required



Cancellations made within 15 days in advance of your scheduled hire will not normally incur a charge. If the cancellations are made between 8 to 14 days there will be a 50% charge and for cancellations made within 7 days you will be liable for the full hire charge.

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