The Choir

Attracting singers of all ages, the Choir is a four part choir (soprano, alton, tenor and bass). The Choir is a satisfying mix of highly competent and very experienced singers who lead those who might consider themselves to be novices; either way, thorough rehearsing ensures confident and assertive singing at services. Welcoming people of all standards some ability in reading music would be helpful, but not essential.

The choir is split into two sections: the Main Choir and the Augmented Choir.

The Main Choir

The main choir currently consists of approximately 14 singers who sing every Sunday and meet almost every Friday (7.30pm) from September to July to rehearse at Holy Trinity.

The Augmented Choir

The augmented choir is an extra group of singers who double the size of the Main Choir and, as a result, more challenging music is sung. As a rule, the Augmented Choir aims to sing at Carol Services on the two Sundays before Christmas, on the two Sundays before Easter Sunday and once in the ‘summer’ term. The Augmented Choir rehearses on Fridays (7.30pm) in October to December, late January to Easter and sometime after Easter until the final engagement. Augmented Choir members are welcome to sing at any other time with the Main Choir and some certainly sing on Remembrance Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day morning and on Easter Sunday. Others also regularly sing on the third Sunday in the month which is a more musically involved Sunday.

Who are we looking for?

People with a passion for singing and a love of music. An open and creative mind, commitment and a sense of humour are good qualities too.

Singing in a church choir is a unique experience and, if this is something new to you, there will be plenty of time for you to settle in – encouragement and guidance are always on offer. We create a sound which is often impressive, beautiful and mysterious, furthering the Choir’s living tradition.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the Choir please get in touch. There isn’t an audition, but the Organist & Choirmaster would be pleased to hear you sing if you wish to. You can even just turn up one Friday and ‘listen in’; a warm welcome is guaranteed!

The Organ

In late 2017, as the Makin Organ was approaching 30 years old and was becoming more unreliable, it was decided it needed to be replaced. After research and listening to many organ installations it was decided that the best organ for Holy Trinity would be a three manual Viscount digital organ. It took a year of fundraising and, in December 2018 the new Viscount digital organ was installed just in time for Christmas.

The current organ has three manuals - 'Great', 'Swell' and 'Choir' - just like the last pipe organ and a 32 note pedal board. It has a comprehensive specification with 51 speaking stops spread across the four divisions. With great advancements in the technology used in digital organs the sound is greatly improved from the previous organ; it uses sound sampling technology called Physis. The projection of the sound into the building is also improved thanks to the 13 speakers: the 'Great' speaks into the Nave, the 'Swell' down the North Transept, the 'Choir' into the Chancel and the 'Pedal' into the Nave and North Transept. There are many playing aids on the organ with 7 pistons per division and 10 general pistons, all stored in 16 memory banks. For the full specification of the current organ please click here.

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