Monthly Comment

Daily Generosity

In September I posed the question what does it mean to live/experience in a culture of generosity. This month we will have a very clear reminder of the generosity of God when we celebrate Harvest Festival. Harvest Festivals are,
after all, a celebration of the generosity of God.

The tradition, at harvest time, is to decorate the church with a riot of flowers, mountains of apples and pears and massive marrows. All this rightly reminds us of the generosity of God; a generosity we experience and enjoy on a daily basis. But I believe that there is much more we can be thankful for; just consider some of the things that we enjoy on a daily basis: health care, work, education, leisure activities and so the list can go on. I once heard of a church that had a
Rolls Royce car in church as part of its harvest decoration to celebrate the work of many in that area who worked for the car maker. A reminder of how we need to celebrate all aspects of life and all that we enjoy in daily life (not
that we all need to drive Rolls Royce cars!). So as we celebrate the harvest we are not just celebrating the vital work done by farmers and growers but we can celebrate the way our generous God provides for all our needs.

As we live in the world our ever generous God has provided us with so we need to recall that it is not about taking but about sharing with others in the wider world. This might be through our support for the work of the Malvern Foodbank (this year we are asking that you bring tinned and package goods that are suitable for the Foodbank). It could be through our support of Christian Aid or other similar charities that are working to help those who struggle on a daily basis for basic survival. This basic desire to share is at the bottom of all our Christian stewardship and is the way in which we demonstrate, by our acts and actions, that our lives have been touched by the generous nature of God and we have experienced something of what it means to live in a culture of generosity.


David Nichol