Monthly Comment

Gold is never a cheap option

Christmas will soon be here again. The very thought of Christmas brings a whole range of mixed feelings to mind. For some people it will mean recalling previous Christmas’ and noticing gaps at the table. Others will reflect on the excesses of some spending on Christmas gifts. Others will want to relive the excitement of Christmas.

Whatever feelings you might have then recall the first Christmas for it should bring to mind three things that help us make sense of the feelings that Christmas can bring into our minds. In the midst of the sorrows of Christmas we all need to remember that Jesus came as Emmanuel, which means God with us. Christmas is saying to us that we can encounter God right in the heart of our lives. Now, I don’t want to encourage anyone to think they need to put themselves into debt in order that they might mirror the spending of the Wisemen but I think we should recall the extreme generosity shown by the eastern visitors; we should remember that gold is never a cheap option. The giving of gifts is a reflection of the giving of the Wisemen and also a reaction to the extra-ordinary generosity of God in giving us Jesus. God is generous and we all want to respond to the generosity of God. Thirdly there is the excite- ment of Christmas. Just remember how excited the shepherds were when they went into Bethlehem or recall how they went around telling everyone what they discovered in the manger. Or think about the angels and their offering of praise and glory to God. There is no doubting the excitement at the first Christmas; an excitement we need to re-capture as we celebrate the fact that God has made himself known to us.

So don’t let your feelings get the better of you but rather let the experience of the first Christmas transform your fears as you re-capture the excitement of an encounter with the generous ever living God. It is as we encounter the generous ever living God that we will all enjoy a very happy Christmas. 


David Nichol